3/4-inch MPT Swing Riser 90 Degree Elbow

3/4-inch MPT Swing Riser 90 ELL


The Landscape Products 3/4-Inch MPT Swing Riser 90 Degree Elbow enhances the efficiency of irrigation and sprinkler systems with its durable design. It easily connects to 3/4-inch diameter fittings or Sprinklers, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings.

This elbow boasts a dual connection – A barbed insert and male pipe threading (MPT). The barbed insert ensures quick and effortless attachment, while the MPT offers a secure fit into female threaded pipes or fittings. These features eliminate leaks and guarantee a consistent water flow.

Its 90-degree angle is perfect for navigating corners or obstacles, ensuring precision in water delivery. Compatibility with swing riser pipes, including the 1/2-inch 100-foot coil (01004100) and 1/2-inch 10-foot riser pipe (01004010), elevates its functionality. This feature ensures sprinkler heads are above ground and flexible, reducing damage if stepped on or run over.

The Barb x Male Thread and 1/2-inch insert x 3/4-inch MPT specifications simplify installation and enhance security. This design reduces maintenance needs and increases the system’s lifespan, even when exposed to maintenance equipment or similar impacts.

Made in the USA, this elbow is a hallmark of quality, reliability, and efficiency, making it an indispensable component for optimized irrigation systems.

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