With all we make, what we create the most is longevity and value for our customers.

Built on a tradition that spans generations, LPI designs and manufactures products that can be counted on. Our irrigation components, tubing, valves and swing assemblies, dripline and accessories are all made to give industry professionals the confidence that their money is working as hard as they do. It’s a commitment that starts in our state of the art manufacturing plant. In this well-designed, dynamic operation, our employees collaborate to design, develop and test our entire line of products – using only the best materials in everything we make.


Every detail matters.
Every angle counts.

Our engineers work with the latest design software to concept and create products that perform. No aspect is overlooked, resulting in exact specifications that meet the standards required for the job. Once our elbows, tees, couplings, reducers, caps and other common fittings are refined and ready for production, we begin our injection molding process.


How durability, reliability and performance take shape.

Through our extrusion and injection molding process, the engineered molten material is injected into a shaped cavity of a breakaway mold. As each part has its own cycle time, we wait until thoroughly formed before inspecting and testing for strength – confirming adherence to our strict dimensional standards.


We hold everything to the highest standards. Our own.

There’s a reason we believe our products provide our customers with confidence. Because the way we see it, just as important as creating our products is how rigorously we inspect them. It’s why we implement regularly scheduled quality control procedures in all facets of our operations and maintain continuous examination and testing – at each step – using visual and automated inspection procedures.

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