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Landscape Products Inc (LPI), with a rich tradition spanning generations, excels in crafting products that embody longevity and value for our esteemed customers. We take immense pride in our irrigation components, tubing, valves, swing assemblies, dripline, and accessories, meticulously designed to instill industry professionals with unwavering confidence in their landscape projects.

Central to our commitment is our cutting-edge manufacturing plant, a dynamic hub where our skilled employees collaborate to conceive, develop, and test our entire product line. Employing only the finest materials, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring every detail and angle is perfected.


The prowess of our engineers shines as they utilize state-of-the-art design software to create products that deliver unparalleled performance. Each aspect is thoughtfully considered, resulting in precise specifications that meet the highest industry standards.

To bring durability, reliability, and performance to life, we employ a meticulous extrusion and injection molding process. Molten material is carefully injected into breakaway molds, with each part receiving its unique cycle time, guaranteeing the utmost strength and adherence to our stringent dimensional criteria.

At LPI, we adhere to uncompromising standards, diligently inspecting and testing our products to offer utmost assurance to our customers. Our commitment to quality control is unwavering, with regular and systematic procedures integrated across all facets of our operations. Continuous examination and testing, using both visual and automated inspection methods, ensure that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards.

Ultimately, our driving force is the confidence our customers place in us. With a legacy of excellence, we strive to design and manufacture products that withstand the test of time and offer unmatched value, reflecting our unwavering dedication to delivering the very best for those who rely on us.

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Landscape Products Design Tips

Why is pressure so important for a CV Dripline?

When installing check valve dripline, the pressure is critical to ensure that the emitters open and provide the specified flow rate. Landscape Products EZ-ID CV requires a minimum opening pressure of 12.0 psi at the emitter. Other CV dripline emitters require much higher opening pressures resulting in shorter run lengths and the potential of an emitter not functioning in low pressure situations.

EZ-ID CV dripline requires:
12.0 psi

Other driplines may require:
14.5 – 21.8 psi

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