1/2-inch Marlex 90 Degree Street Elbow


Marlex street elbows can accommodate virtually all sprinkler systems available on the market today. Utilizing a proven heavy-duty design, Landscape Products street ells are specifically engineered to support your swing joint or riser assemblies. Sturdy, versatile and self-lubricating, these parts will not lock or break under most conditions when impact is made to your sprinkler heads.

  • 90 degree elbow
  • 1/2-inch male thread IPS x 1/2-inch female thread IPS
  • Marlex fittings are manufactured of a self lubricating material they are easy to install and require no teflon tape for a quality seal
  • 30% more tapered threads to accommodate the standard variance found in industry threaded components
  • When used in pairs of triplicate, marlex street ells provide the following benefits:
    • Stability to support sprinkler and rotary heads during installation
    • Provide flexibility to adjust heads during backfilling to the desired grade level and vertical oreintation
    • Protects lateral piping and sprinkler heads when run over by mowers, vehicles or other hazards
  • Made in the USA
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