High-Strength Landscape Products' Valve Boxes

10-inch Tan Round Valve Box Lid only


High-Strength Landscape Products valve boxes are engineered for the professional contractor, with the superior strength required for commercial and utility applications. They feature thicker wall dimensions for increased strength and durability, reinforced covers for heavier loads, reinforced ribs for sidewall strength, and high impact construction.

  • 10-inch round Tan Lid only
  • Reinforced cover for heavier loads
  • Overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from settling between body and cover
  • Replacement lid (38005740)

          Landscape Products10IN ROUND TAN LID ONLY

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  • Material: High density polyethylene
  • Color
    • Lid: Tan
  • Lid dimensions
    • Diameter: 9 1/2 inches
    • Two exterior lift tabs
    • Four snap lock tabs to secure lid to body
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