1/4-inch x 1000-foot Polyethylene


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Beginning with the exceptional quality, the 1/4-inch x 1000-foot Polyethylene Tubing from Landscape Products Inc presents itself as the ideal irrigation solutions. Specifically designed for landscapes, nurseries , and agriculture, this tubing seamlessly combines all the coveted attributes of an ideal drip irrigation system.

Moreover, a standout characteristic of this PE tubing lies in its economic viability. Furthermore, for those who are enthusiastic about initiating or upgrading their irrigation systems, it offers unparalleled quality without imposing financial strain.

Furthermore, the tubing’s inherent flexibility is undeniably a blessing for landscapers and gardeners alike. As it effortlessly winds around obstacles, trees, and various garden installations, it inherently streamlines both the setup and the ensuing upkeep tasks.

Additionally, its formidable resistance to the harmful effects of UV rays, aggressive chemicals, and physical abrasion solidifies its durability. Consequently, given its resilience against the potentially damaging impacts of a range of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it underscores its sturdiness, vouching for a prolonged operational life.

But that’s not all; this tubing transcends mere fluid conveyance. Essentially, it’s about strategic water distribution. By directing water precisely to the roots, it not only curtails water excess but also fosters more profound root growth. As a result, plants are rendered more resilient under drought conditions.

Switching gears to its composition, opting for this Polyethylene Tubing means endorsing efficacy in irrigation. The tubing boasts a meticulous blend of two polyethylene variants. In essence, this fusion, which intertwines the pliability of vinyl with the impressive hold of Dow Chemical’s 7510 polyethylene substance, assures top-tier functionality. Notably recognized for maintaining quality over an extensive period, the Dow 7510 showcases exceptional environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR). In addition, the integrated minimum 2% carbon black offers a shield against UV degradation. Simultaneously, its thoughtful packaging in a 5-gallon bucket, complete with a cleverly designed lid and dispensing aperture, elevates the overall user experience.

In conclusion, by choosing Landscape Products Inc’s 1/4-inch x 1000-foot Polyethylene Tubing, you’re committing to more than just a product. You’re championing effectiveness, endurance, and enhanced plant vitality. Therefore, consider transitioning to this solution today, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

  • Coiled in an easy-to-carry bucket to quickly and easily pull the correct amount of tubing any time
  • High quality polyethylene (PE) tubing
  • Made in the USA


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  • Inside diameter: 0.170″
  • Outside diameter: 0.250″
  • Wall thickness: 0.040″
  • Maximum operating pressure: 50 PSI @ 73° F
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