1/4-inch x 1,000-foot Polyethylene Tubing


High quality polyethylene (PE) tubing manufactured by Landscape Products is ideal for use in drip irrigation systems for landscapes and agriculture. Can be used to connect any drip/micro device to the water supply lateral. Also can be attached to the outlet of a buried emitter to bring water to the surface or can be used as a leader to bring water from a buried hose to a surface emitter or micro sprayer. The tubing in the buckets is a blend of two polyethylene compounds.  This was done in an effort to produce a product that has some of the flexible characteristics of vinyl and the gripping power of the 7510 polyethylene material as it relates to grabbing the connector and emitter barbs. The Dow Chemical 7510 material, which has a 30+ year record of product quality, is known for having excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR). A minimum of 2% carbon black color protects the tubing from the harmful effects of the sun. Comes in a 5-gallon bucket including lid with hole for dispensing 1/4-inch tubing.

  • Coiled in an easy-to-carry bucket to quickly and easily pull the correct amount of tubing any time
  • High quality polyethylene (PE) tubing
  • Made in the USA
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  • Inside diameter: 0.170″
  • Outside diameter: 0.250″
  • Wall thickness: 0.040″
  • Maximum operating pressure: 50 PSI @ 73° F
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