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VP-10 1-inch Plastic Electric Valve

The Landscape Products VP series plastic remote control valves are ideal for use in residential and commercial applications. These valves are also suitable for non-potable installations and the innovative metering design keeps the valve working and maintenance to a minimum. Reverse flow design Reverse flow provides zero pressure stress on the diaphragm for long life Should the valve fail, it will fail in the closed position thereby preventing wasted water Internal manual bleed Simple, one-piece molded diaphragm Bleed water is metered through innovative flow passages to provide contamination resistance Reinforced ribbed bonnet for surge protection Ideal for low volume drip irrigation zones Easily removable handle prevents tampering after the flow adjustment

VP-15 1-1/2-Inch Plastic Electric Valve

VP-20 2-Inch Plastic Electric Valve

24 VAC Replacement Solenoid Assembly

Replacement Diaphragm Assembly VP10

Replacement Bonnet Assembly VP10

Replacement Diaphragm Assembly VP15

Replacement Bonnet Assembly VP15

Replacement Diaphragm Assembly VP20

Replacement Bonnet Assembly VP20


DBR/Y-600 Waterproof Wire Connectors – 2 Pack

DBR/Y-600 Waterproof Wire Connectors – 25 Pack

DBR/Y-600 Waterproof Wire Connectors – 100 pack

Tan Waterproof Wire Connector – 15 Count