Solvent Weld Hose Adapters For Rigid and Flexible PVC Hose

M-64-P 3/4-inch MHT X 1/2-inch SLIP ADPT


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The Landscape Products Inc M-64-P, 3/4″ MHT X 1/2″ SLIP Hose Adapter stands out as an essential component for irrigation systems, offering a range of features and benefits. This flush cap is specifically designed to cater to users’ needs, ensuring convenience, functionality, and efficiency. Its durable construction, crafted from high-quality ABS material, guarantees long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear. Users can rely on its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and constant use, providing reliable performance over time.

With the capability to solvent weld to rigid or flexible PVC pipes and thread on to a 3/4″ hose female threaded cap, this flush cap establishes a tight and leak-proof seal, preventing water loss or wastage. Maintaining efficient irrigation systems becomes seamless with this feature, ensuring optimal water distribution to plants and landscaping areas while conserving water resources. The ease of installation is another significant benefit of the 3/4″ hose end flush cap. It is designed for hassle-free attachment, facilitating a solvent weld connection of rigid PVC pipes and flexible PVC hoses. This user-friendly characteristic saves valuable time and effort, making it a preferred choice for professional landscapers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the Hose Adapter flush cap exhibits remarkable versatility, making it compatible with various PVC pipe sizes. This flexibility grants users the freedom to integrate the flush cap into existing irrigation setups or new installations without hassle. Additionally, the flush cap’s design incorporates a flush valve, allowing easy flushing and cleaning of the irrigation system. Users can effortlessly remove any debris or clogs, ensuring uninterrupted water flow and preventing potential damage to the system.

In summary, the Landscape Products Inc M-64-P 3/4″ MHT X 1/2″ SLIP ADPT combines durability, ease of installation, versatility, and functionality. Its reliable performance and water-saving capabilities make it an excellent choice for optimizing irrigation systems and maintaining vibrant and healthy landscapes.


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  • SKU : 12000270
  • Only In Stores : No
  • Manufacturer Part Number : 12000270
  • Primary Size : 3/4″ (.75) “
  • Fittings Connect Size One : 3/4″
  • Fittings Connect Size Two : 1/2” 
  • Fitting Connection Type : Male Thread
  • Fitting Type : Slip On Adapter
  • Call For Price : No
  • Material:  ABS
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