LP 940 Polyethylene Tubing 3/4-inch x 500-foot w/Red Stripe

LP 940 PE TUBING 3/4-INCH x 500-FOOT


High quality LP 940 PE Tubing 3/4-inch x 500-foot w/Red Stripe manufactured by Landscape Products is ideal for use in drip irrigation systems for landscapes and agriculture. Can be used to connect any drip/micro device to the water supply lateral. Also can be attached to the outlet of a buried emitter to bring water to the surface or can be used as a leader to bring water from a buried hose to a surface emitter or micro sprayer. All LP 940 PE tubing is made using 100% Dow Chemical 7510 material, which has a 30+ year record of product quality. This material is known for having excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).

  • A minimum of 2% carbon black color protects the tubing from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • High quality polyethylene (PE) tubing Red stripe for quick identification
  • Made in the USA
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  • Inside diameter: 0.82″
  • Outside diameter: 0.94″
  • Wall thickness: 0.055″
  • Maximum operating pressure: 52 PSI @ 73° F
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