EZ-ID CV 17 mm Dripline Blank Tubing (250-foot Roll)


The Landscape Products 17 mm EZ-ID CV Dripline is blank tubing and ideal for large commercial landscape projects (hedges, groundcover) as well as smaller residential gardens. Blank dripline can be used to span between runs of EZ-ID CV Dripline where emitters are not required. Compatible with brown 17 mm standard insert fittings, the blank tubing perfectly matches Landscape Products Dripline in color and fittings.

All EZ-ID-CV Dripline is made using 100% Dow Chemical 7510 polyethylene (PE) material which has a 30+ year record of product quality. The material is famous for its excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR). The UV stabilized brown color protects the tubing from the harmful effects of the sun and blends well into the landscape

  •  Warranty
    • Free from original defects in material and workmanship for seven (7) years from the date of manufacture
    • LPI further warrants this dripline to be free from environmental stress cracking for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of manufacture

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  • Outside diameter: 0.66″
  • Inside diameter: 0.56″
  • Wall thickness: 0.050″
  • Operating pressure range: 15 – 45 PSI
  • Accepts standard 17 mm brown fittings
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