Astronomical Timer Relay for Landscape Lighting

Astronomical Timer Module Single Relay


The Ultimate Astronomical Timer Relay for Landscape Lighting

Introducing our Astronomical Timer Relay Module, exclusively crafted for the landscape lighting industry. Boasting the ability to control any AC powered device up to 15 Amps, this state-of-the-art timer is more than just a device; it’s a revolution. With its compact dimensions of 3x2x1.25 inches, this jewel fits effortlessly into the pass-through plug of all transformers, ensuring seamless integration.

Furthermore, its sealed 15Amp Relay promises zero condensation issues. Users will be enthralled by the easy-to-program interface, further complemented by two sets of timers. Depending on preferences, settings can be adjusted either by dusk or dawn with specific offsets or in real-time. Impressively, this module calculates sunrise and sunset daily, always staying synchronized with nature’s rhythm. It automatically accounts for Daylight Saving, so you’re never out of sync.

Engineered to endure, this timer thrives in a wide temperature range of -22 to 158°F. Additional features such as intelligent inrush current control and surge suppression of 4.5 kAmps and 34 Joules ensure durability. Backed by a 10-year life lithium battery and accompanied by a one-year warranty, make the switch to reliable and smart landscape lighting today.

  • A specific time of day
  • Dusk, with an offset (before or after dusk)
  • Dawn, with an offset (before or after dawn)
  • Features four timers
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  • Can control any AC powered device up to a 15 Amp load
  • Dual prong outlet
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • 15 Amps maximum
  • Temperature operating range: -28° F – 158° F
  • For use in dry locations only
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