LP TEFLON TAPE 520-foot roll

Pipe Thread Teflon Tape

PRODUCT NUMBER: 26002405, 26002407 & 26002410

100% virgin teflon pipe thread tape provides positive leak-proof joints and permits quick and easy disassembly and rejoining. Ideal for all types of plumbing applications in the kitchen and bathroom on household brass fittings. Outdoor applications include irrigation systems and garden taps.

Teflon pipe thread tape is quite versatile and is used to seal water and air from leaking through threaded connections, most effective on high-pressure lines. It is important to wrap teflon tape around the pipe in the correct direction. This will allow the pressure from the mating threads to tighten the tape around the pipe. If wrapped incorrectly, the threads will work against it and the teflon tape will bunch up.

Be sure that the end of the pipe and the fitting are both clean and dry. Begin wrapping the pipe or fitting in the direction the pipe will turn and keep the tape taught and wrapped tightly on the threads. Generally, 2 – 4 wraps of teflon tape are sufficient to create an excellent seal.

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  • Provides positive leak-proof joints
  • Temperature range: -375° F – 500° F
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10,000 PSI
  • 520-foot roll
  • Meets military specification T-27730A
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  • 26002405: Teflon Tape 1/2-inch X 520′ roll
  • 26002407: Teflon Tape 3/4-inch X 520′ roll
  • 26002410: Teflon Tape 1-inch X 520′ roll
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